iStock_000061660072_MediumAdminologist® is a service company specializing in both onsite and offsite contract administrative support.  We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and work slightly different than a “Virtual Assistant” business.   Our services are designed to provide specialized administrative support to individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners through a wide range of offerings.

Do you need a reliable, consistent “go to” person that you can trust?

We are here to handle your projects with the highest level of confidentiality and work diligently behind the scenes until your deadlines are met.

If you are a busy business professional, delegating tasks can be a huge time saver.  Here are some ideas of how we can free up some of your time:

Online Research: Establish your criteria and we can do the internet research for you. Common requests include finding information on businesses, individuals or corporations, explore new product offerings, locate a potential employee or even find topics for bloggers.

Database Entries: Organize or update existing files electronically.  For example after attending a trade show we can collect the business cards and create a contact database for you which could be used for multiple purposes including sending email blasts.

Word, Excel PowerPoint: Create a  professional looking documentation;  Letters, spreadsheets, presentation materials to summarize your thoughts and put them in presentable format for your next meeting.

WordPress:  Build or edit a small website or blog using WordPress.

Transcription:  Business Meetings, Board meetings, Interviews and other confidential notes can be transcribed for you.

Managing email: Save time sorting through endless email activity. It is easy to manage and can be done remotely.  Let your assistant help you manage your email inbox, filtering your most important emails and respond on your behalf.   Email folders can be set up by topic for easy access and to gain more control.

Calendar Management: Schedule important meetings for you.

Social tasks:  Don’t forget Anniversaries, Birthdays — ever. Let’s record those important dates on your calendar, and allow us to send gifts on your behalf. It’s okay, social tasks can be delegated – we can send holiday gifts and greeting cards, thank you notes, on your behalf.

Travel Planner:  We are an affiliate to Orbitz Travel, and also work closely with a local travel agency as desired. Let us do the shopping for you and provide you with some price comparisons on hotels, airfares and other logistics.  After booking your travel with us, we will map out the logistics of you itinerary.  Also, visa updates can be handled in advance for you.

Meeting Planner: Bring people together for your meetings. Skype, onsite or offsite meetings, we can assist with setting the agenda, sending announcements, collect the meeting attendee list, establish a web-ex, send the meeting invitation and track attendance.

Event Planner:  Important events are managed from conception through to completion; social, corporate, workshops, seminars, etc. Any event takes time to do the detailed planning. Among the many tasks  involved are providing quotes for venues, décor, catering, entertainment and transportation. The day of the event comes with a complete timeline to ensure all parties involved are synchronized.

Recordkeeping:  Organize your expense receipts and prepare documentation for reimbursement, send invoices, or follow up on outstanding invoices or even collection calls on unpaid bills. If you need a full service bookkeeper, feel free to ask for recommendations.