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How to Look and Feel Authentic on Camera

      Recently I attended a Women in Consulting Luncheon in Campbell.  I was there to take notes for one of my clients because they ran into scheduling conflicts and were unable to attend in person.  It was a great way for to not only provide administrative services, but to become introduced to [...]

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Event Planning Made Easier

  Just in time for the Holidays, I am about to “Present” you with one of the best kept secrets that will make your next event a “breeze” to prepare for. I am passionate about planning events, so unless you’ve planned an event yourself, you wouldn’t believe how many intricate details go into organizing one [...]

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Calculating the Cost of Meetings

  Calculating the Cost of Meetings Meetings are probably one of the most expensive overhead cost within any organization or business. According to the Wharton Center for Applied Research, the average CEO spends 17 hours per week in meetings, senior executives an average of 23 hours and middle managers 11 hours. And according to senior and [...]

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